Humbug Spires

Wilderness Study Area

Just a short, 15-minute drive from the ranch you’ll find the Humbug Spires Wilderness Study Area. Popular with rock climbers, the primitive area has a unique outcropping of quartz monzonite. Take Moose Creek Road, a good gravel road to the trailhead.

The 11,000 acres area features over 50 towering quartz spires ranging from 300 to 600 feet. The most popular hiking trail on the complex begins where the gravel road ends. Tall spires seem to surround the parking area. The trail winds along Moose Creek for about a mile and a half. There the trail forks, with the right folk taking you to the Wedge, one of the tallest spires and a popular climb.

Wildlife are often seen in the area. Look for moose in the wet areas around Moose Creek. Mule deer, mountain grouse, and bighorn sheep reside in the area and are commonly seen.

Bring along your fly rod and catch small cutthroat and brook trout in this tributary of the Big Hole River.

Humbug Spires Map