Silver Bow Club in Divide, Montana

Things to do while visiting the Silver Bow Club, a Montana ranch resort in Southwest Montana.

30 June, 2020

Dig For Crystals in Crystal Park


Crystal Park - Dig For Crystals Pioneer Mountains, Montana Crystal Park is the perfect place to discover rockhounding as crystals are fairly easy to find and fun to dig for in an alpine setting. The Park is located near the upper elevations of the Pioneer Scenic Byway, a road that follows the Wise River [...]

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26 February, 2020

Red Rock Lakes Wildlife Refuge


Red Rocks Lakes National Wildlife Refuge The Centennial Valley lies along the Idaho-Montana border and in summer, is home to thousands of trumpeter swans. An easy day trip from the lodge, this National Wildlife Refuge offers wildlife viewing against a backdrop of rugged, snow capped mountain peaks. A series of shallow lakes and marshes [...]

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17 January, 2020

Canyon Creek Charcoal Kilns


Canyon Creek Charcoal Kilns Glendale, Montana Abandonned mining towns are common place in Southwest Montana. Ghost towns and rementants of mining and smelting activities stand empty, crumbling as the elements wear them into the ground. An intersting site to see is the Canyon Creek Charcoal Kilns just 11 miles outside Melrose, Montana. Here, the [...]

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3 April, 2019

Easy Hikes


Easy Hikes Near the Silver Bow Club Hiking is a great way to experience Southwest Montana. At the ranch, guests enjoy our mile-long cart path which meanders along the river and returns to the lodge. Trails lead up the slope behind the lodge for panoramic views of the valley, the river, and our expansive [...]

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23 May, 2018

Coolidge Ghost Town


COOLIDGE GHOST TOWN Abandoned Silver Mine Silver was discovered near a pair of elk horns high in the Pioneer Mountains in 1872 by a man named Preston Sheldon. The area became known as the Elkhorn district. More silver was discovered and soon prospectors started coming to the area. The town formed in 1914. Narrow gauge rail [...]

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23 May, 2018

Bannack Ghost Town


BANNACK GHOST TOWN Gold was struck near Grasshopper Creek in 1862 and the fledgling town of Bannack, Montana was founded. Bannack was named for the nearby Bannock Indians, however, a mistake in Washington forever named the town Bannack. In 1864, Bannack was briefly the territory capital before moving to Virginia City just a little [...]

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23 April, 2018

Pioneer Scenic Byway


Pioneer Scenic Byway Montana Scenic Route The Pioneer Scenic Byway is an easy-to-drive, scenic route which travels through the Pioneer Mountains in the Beaverhead-Deer Lodge National Forest. 49 miles in length, plan on taking the day to enjoy the sites and the hikes that the scenic byway has to offer. The route takes you [...]

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23 March, 2018

Humbug Spires


Humbug Spires Wilderness Study Area Just a short, 15-minute drive from the ranch you'll find the Humbug Spires Wilderness Study Area. Popular with rock climbers, the primitive area has a unique outcropping of quartz monzonite. Take Moose Creek Road, a good gravel road to the trailhead. The 11,000 acres area features over 50 towering [...]

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